We deal with custom software development and application operation.

Our main goal is to support our customers' digitalisation efforts.

Let it be the transposition of a workflow into the digital space in a specific, day-to-day business. Or even automation in the production of customer products. Our goal is to provide our customers with more transparent, faster processes, ultimately higher productivity and, at the same time, higher profits.

We consider it important to make data-based decision support available to our customers, in other words, what conclusions do our previously recorded data allow, and what decision will result what exactly in the future?

Our colleagues with decades of experience are still at home in the world of IT in the enormous amount of technology, but we will never sit back. We are constantly improving our knowledge to be so tomorrow. :)


Open positions

NOTE: The above descriptions are in Hungarian, please contact us directly if you are interested.


2120 Dunakeszi, Fő út 41.

Phone: +36 30 813 3736

Email: office@innosw.hu

Innovative Software Solutions Kft.

Innovative Software Solutions Kft.